How Can I Obtain A Driver's Licence In Canada's Québec Province?


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Québec residents and immigrants over the age of 16 can obtain a driver's licence to drive a Class 5 passenger vehicle by passing a knowledge test and a practical road test. The knowledge test is now entirely computer based and includes multiple choice questions based on the Québec Highway Code. The test is administered in either French or English at the Société de l'ássurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) service centres across the province. French tests, however, are the default, therefore it is important to note ahead of time is someone wishes to take the English version.

Once the prospective driver has passed the test, he/she will receive a learner's permit allowing him to practice driving, as long as he/she is accompanied by a certified driver. If the student attends an accredited driving school, he/she may apply to take the road test after an 8 month period. Without taking classes, this period is extended to 12 months.

Once the 8 or 12 month period has expired, student drivers may apply for a road test at an SAAQ service centre. The test can be conducted in French or English and the examiner will always ask the student what his/her preferred language is. The test lasts for about 20 minutes and involves driving in suburban streets and major boulevards. The examiner will also test the student's ability to park the car. In order to pass, the student must score no lower than 75%. If the test is passed, a probationary licence will be issued for those under 25 years of age and a permanent licence for those older than 25.

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