How Do You Help A Delayed Speech Child Talk?


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Well quiet a few parents face the problem of delayed speech child talk. The best way to over come this problem is by interacting with your child as much as possible.

Try matching your child's actions and try interacting at the same level. Show him how to say one or two words. Respond in a positive and a much more expressive manner to his actions and words. Encourage him to use words more than actions. Translate your child's own language of sounds and movements into words.

Don't rush your child into words; try communicating with sounds at first. Reduce your questions and try teaching your child what to say and accept any kind of pronunciation at first, he will obviously not sound like an adult until he practices a lot. All these methods in a certain way will help improve your child's communication level.
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I would contact your county's Early Intervention program. They will send somebody to your home to evaluate your child. My pediatrician actually had EI call me, so you can even tell your ped- he/she will know which agencies to contact. (And if your ped does not seem concerned, and you are- go with your instincts- and get that number!) EI is based on your income, so services could be totally free. You might have a speech therapist; my daughter had a teacher. It depends on the situation. Most EI programs end service at age three; some at age five. If your child is not eligible for EI due to an age restriction, just ask EI for other options. They will probably refer you to the local public school's special ed dept. If your local EI offers a free Hanen speech therapy class for parents- take it! Hanen is a Canadian based speech therapy method that helped me a lot as well. My daughter went into EI at eighteen months due to a speech delay. Sign language saved my life- it is easy to learn for both the parent and child, and it is communication! Do not go gung-ho for the vocalization- it will come one day, one word at a time. It took my girl a year and a half, but she is now talking. She started w/
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Watching Tv will help him/her to start talking

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