How Do You Build A Miniature Covered Wagon?


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Some of the materials needed to cover wagon are 1 milk container, four one-foot lengths of florist rope, stapler, scissors, one 1 x 1.5 foot part of white muslin, rough cardboard, masking tape, four  quarter-inch rod sticks (2 five-inches and  2 six-inches long), needle and white thread.

First to start with you will need to cut off the pouring side. And place the box with one side of it facing upwards. Now bend 4 pieces of wire into you shapes.

Now to make the cover lay the cloth over the wires. Sew the cloth completely along with the wires and place it in by stitches. As you move from one wire to the other, then leave a bit of slack in the cloth. This will help you let the cloth fall between the curtains. Next make the wheels and axles.
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Bottom of shoebox makes the body.  Pieces of wire coat hangers make the ribs.  Handerkerchiefs make the cover.  Popspicle sticks make the tongue.  Four round pieces of cardboard make the wheels.
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Just draw! Does not matter what it looks like

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