How Do You Make A Covered Wagon?


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To create a covered wagon, select a milk carton. Start with cutting off the pouring ends and one section of the mail container, now lay the box on its side and open one side up.

Curve four pieces of wire into "you" shape and staple them towards the open sides. Now put two six inch dowels in such a way that they are approximately two inches apart and protrude five inches further than the open end of the container. Now tape them in place. After you have done that place a cloth over the wires, sew around and through the wires so that they stay in place.

Now cut out four wheels measuring approximately four inches in width from a hard cardboard. Now create a hole of ¼ inch through the centre of each wheel. Now pierce the dowels through the ¼ inch holes to create two sets of wheels. Now tape the mid section of the dowels to the bottom of the wagon. Put one set of wheels 1 ½ inch from the front and the other 1 ½ inch to the rear end. After that glue a section of cardboard on the front of the carton to close up the front section and finish it off by add a strip of cardboard for the seat.
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Take a old box or bowl(note:has to be brown colored).
Cut it with scissors in a round or square way.make sure to cut of the top  of the that you only have a bottom of a box.take a old piece of white cloth or any other color and staple or tape it to the open part of the box.then add wheels.for the wheels if you have a toy wagon you could use those wheels but if you don't you could buy them or take clay and form them into the wheels.or you could carve it into wood and create them like that.
Note: To do shape and cut the wood I advise parental supervision.

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