Think Critically Suppose You Are Pulling A Wagon With The Handle At An Angle. How Can You Make Your Task Easier?


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Easy enough, tie a rope to the wagon handle, and then around your waist, tada,.. Efforless. Course, you did NOT say how small, .... Or BIG the wagon is.
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Is that what you are calling it now?? Sorry I couldn't resist. I don't have an intelligent answer for this, I hope you can forgive me!! OOps my answer was disapproved- I have to add more details- lets see how about  just straighten the handle and pull it like a normal person would. Let's see if this is enough details now!!
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Buy a lorry (called a truck in the USA)

How much easier could it be than that ?
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Another silly question oh my god how do these get through? Get a horse and bridle and hook it up to your handle . That will pull it more efficiently I am certain. Or oxen I'm told do the job marvelously also.
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Well if i was Laura Ingalls and living back in my Little House on the Prarie I would hook up my oxen....
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How big a wagon? And why am I pulling the wagon? I would have my small children pull the wagon since it is most likely theirs and filled with their stuff.

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