How Can I Make A Covered Wagon Prop Out Of Cardboard?


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Howdy partner! Well shucks, you need to make a covered wagon? You’ve come to the right saloon! Don’t shoot the pianist! OK that’s enough!
Here’s some of the material you need to make a simple covered wagon (or prairie saloon):  A pint size milk carton, construction paper, markers and/or paint, four bottle caps or lids (ones from milk jugs are the best) and plenty of Glue and/or Tape.
OK let’s get start…
Cut the milk carton roughly in half, length ways, making sure the top it intact. Keep the half with the top point, and slap on some paint (if the paint isn’t taking, mix in a bit of glue as this will help your paint stick to the milk carton better). Now let it dry.
Meanwhile paint the four milk caps a suitably authentic colour to make the wheels for the wagon. For added genuineness cut some small circles out of construction paper and stick them to the outside of the caps. If you don't have a dairy allergy and don’t have any milk caps, some big buttons will suffice. If you’re really stumped, lots of small circles cut out of construction paper glued together will do, although this will lengthen construction time.
Now for the cover of your wagon. Get you a piece of white construction and draw some line on it to illustrate the support structure. Then snip the paper to about 8 inches x 5 inches. Glue or tape it over the top of your milk carton, making sure it’s nice and evenly curved.
Here is here is where it can get fiddly, it’s time to glue the wheels on your wagon. It’s tricky as you have to find the right position to lay your wagon while the glue dries. Ideally will want most of each wheel attached to the wagon body with very little hanging over the bottom edge. My advice is to glue on the wheels for one side at a time and let it dry while lying on the other side.
Or if that sounds like too much hard work you can buy a wooden model kit for just shy of $2 ($1.99) from here ->

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