How Do You Make A Cardboard Mortarboard?


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A mortar board is nothing but a graduation hat. It is possible to make it yourself with the help of a cardboard and yarn. It would also require some other materials such as scissors, glue and brass paper fasteners. It is quite simple to make this hat or mortar board. First take the cardboard and cut it into a square and a strip. Then take one strip and make several small v shaped marks on it. This v shaped marks should be half of the strip. Cut along these v-shaped notches and the strip should be folded into half horizontally.

Then convert this strip into a circular figure but remember that the v-shaped notches should be the inside part of the circle. The size of the circle should be according to the size of the person wearing the hat. Join the end of the circle with glue and form the hat band. Attach the hatband to the square and make a tassel with the yarn around a small piece of cardboard and then slowly remove the tassel from the cardboard. Attach the tassel to the hat by using the brass fastener.

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