What Is The Easiest Way To Teach English?


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I think the easiest way to learn english is by first making them listen and watch videos of people talking simple english, and then make them understand what it means. This works the best in cases where people already know one language, and you know that as well.
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English is an international language which is supposed to be spoken in all countries of the world. It is not that easy and simple. All and sundry wants to improve his/her English in one way or the other. Teaching English is a three steps process. First, you are supposed to make them learn English by reading English books and other stuff that is available to them. They should consider each and every word worthy and should seek for their meanings. Next step is to write English, you should make them write essay, dictation, articles, etc. last step is to speak English. At this step they would be able to speak English at ease. This will work with pronunciation of worlds and flow of language they have learned.
Most important thing during English teaching is to teach them grammar. Grammar will help them to improve their sentence writing and other sequential things. Good grammar will help them out to learn English at a fast pace and vice versa. Grammar tests will be helpful in this regard. Rest you may teach them translations and active passive voices. Direct and indirect speech must be available to be taught. Good luck for teaching English!

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