Can You Show Me A Completed Sample Of An APA Annotated Bibliography?


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Here is an example of an entry in an APA Annotated Bibliography: Nicol, A. M., & Pexman, P. M. (1999). Presenting your findings: A practical guide for creating tables. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. This is the format: Author's last name, first initial. (Publication date). Book title. Additional information. City of publication: Publishing company. APA format means the American Psychiatric Association. This is the standard essay style used by all graduate and sometimes undergradate studies and not just those in psychiatry. An annotated bibliography is placed at the end of your essay and each reference should be in alphabetical order of the authors surname. The annotation includes a brief summary of what the resource you used is about along with standard bibliography information (eg. Title, type of publication, author, publisher, etc).

Begin with the name of the author, their surname followed by the letters of their initials. Each initial should be followed with a full stop and a comma should separate the author’s names if there are multiple authors and there should be an ‘&’ sign before the final author. Follow this with the date in brackets and then the title of the book or paper you have referenced. The title should be in italics. Titles are sometimes underlined, particularly if it is handwritten or an old publication typed on a typewriter, but the modern standard is italics. The city of publication follows and finally there is a colon (:) before the publishing company’s name.

It can become slightly more complicated when other sources of information need to be referenced. If it is a magazine or newspaper, follow this format: Author's last name, first initial. (Publication date). Article title. Periodical title, volume number(issue number if available), inclusive pages. This is the format for an online periodical: Author's name. (Date of publication). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number, Retrieved month day, year, from full URL.
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Please kindly show me how to prepare annotated bibliography in an essay-please show samples.

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