What Does Reduce Mean In Math?


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It means to subtract something
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Reduce means to decrease. In mathematics, the term reduce implies reduction of complexity. Thus, when it is instructed to reduce something to something else, one is asked to simplify the given thing. Generally, the given subject is an expression like an equation or a fraction. For example: simplest fraction 10/2 when reduced becomes 5. The fraction ½ will be 0.5. There are some other fractions which when reduced give a figure in decimals and hence are accepted as fractions in calculations.
For example: 22/7. This is accepted as 3.14.

When an equation is to be reduced, one has to simplify it and find out the unknown integer. This integer is labeled as any alphabet, generally accepted as x, y, z, a, b, c, or m and n. equations are with an equal sign. For example: x+1 = 2. The reduction process is as follows: x = 2- 1. Therefore, x = 1. These are the basic examples, in mathematics. There are many more complex forms of equations and fractions.
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To make lower
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To subtract from or decrease something.

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