What Is The Formula Of Finding The Perimeter Of A Figure?


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The perimeter is basically the sum of the measure of all the sides of a shape. For any given figure, you can find the perimeter by adding up the lengths of all of its sides.

Some common shapes and the formulae used to calculate their perimeter are:

Square = 4s
(4 times the length of side; all sides are equal and this can be written as s+s+s+s)

Rectangle = 2L + 2W
(where, L is the length and W is the width. Each rectangle has 2 lengths and 2 widths and hence the formula. It can also be written as L+W+L+W)

Triangle = a + b + c
(Where, a,b, c are measures of the three sides of the triangle)

Circle = 2 x pi x radius
(In case of circles, the perimeter is known as the circumference. The value of pi is always taken as 3.14)
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The formula to get the perimeter of a figure is to add the measurement of each side on that figure. Well that's the way you can find the perimeter of a polygon/shape.
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