How Do You Use These Words? 1.volte Face 2.serendipity 3.vicissitudes


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Volte face is French and literally means "about face." It imples a complete 365-degree change in your attitude or opinion. An example sentence might be:

After complaining about my new boyfriend for weeks, my Dad suddenly invited him to go on holiday with us. I was puzzled by this volte-face until I realised that Dad wanted someone to go fishing with.

Serendipity means finding something unexpectedly, while you are actually looking for someone else. For example;

I found my job through pure serendipity - I went to the company to collect something, happened to see they were advertising for staff, and applied! I've been here ever since.

Vicissitudes are prolonged and various problems. You could ay "My friend Jane has been loyal to me through all my vicissitudes." This would be correct but sound quite formal, even slightly ironic - it's more often written than spoken.

Hope this helps.

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