2/3 Cup Plus 2/3 Cup Equals How Much?


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The answer is still 4 / 3 which, when simplified, is 1 whole and 1 / 3. To work with adding fractions you have to remember that you can leave the denominator as the same number as long as they are the same and simply just add the numerators (top number).

So in this case, if you add the second 2 to the first 2 and you will get 4. You write this answer as a fraction and so since you leave the bottom number the same you are left with 4 / 3; if you divide 4 by 3 you will get 1.33 which is essentially 1 and 1 third.

Taking this specific example out of the equation, I will explain the general steps involved in adding fractions:

• First you need to understand the difference between the numerator and the denominator. The numerator is the top number of the fraction, and the denominator is the bottom number of the fraction

• Next you will need to add numerators and write the answer in line with them

• Then write out the denominator under the answer of the two numerators to make a new fraction

• This is your answer; you can simplify this answer by dividing the two answer numbers.

Here is a simple example of the above which should help you to understand the formula:

We will use the following sum: ½ + ½. You will probably already know the answer to this which will make it much easier to see how the equation works.

So first you add the numerators so this is:

1 + 1 = 2

Since the bottom two numbers are the same, you can leave this as it is and just put it below your numerator answer. To simplify this answer, you can divide the numbers you are left with so in this case 2 divided by 2, this equals 1 which is your answer (2 / 2 = 1).

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