How To Write A Letter Of Shifting A College Course With Reason?


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The shifting of a college major while in school is a tough decision. There are several strong reasons for making a change while in course and writing a good letter to the appropriate administration official will help to assure that your decision is accepted by the officials of the university or college you are attending.

If you are shifting a college major in your first two years of study, it's merely academic, so to speak, to request and accomplish the task. The first two years of college in the vast majority of institutions are general academic courses such as math, science, political science, and speech that everyone has to take regardless of major. Most courses of a major are taught in the junior and senior years of college, so making a change at this point in time will have negligible effect on the date you are going to graduate. 

If you are one of those making a change late in your college career, your letter needs to be more persuasive and well reasoned than a freshman or sophomore making a change. Be sure and write in a formal, business style and find out who the person is at your university who handles changes in majors.  If in doubt, address it to the dean of the college of which you are attending. State your reasons clearly for making a change, listing your reasons in a logical and easy to read manner.  End the letter by making your specific request, and be sure to include a return address so you can be reached. 

Making a shift in a college course of study can have long-lasting effects, so it should be done carefully, with much thought involved. Once you have made the decision, a professional letter to the administration officials will ensure a smooth transition to your new course of study.
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How to write a letter of shifting a computer course with the visa application form and scholarship.

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