Can I Find Reading Comprehension Passages For Intermediate Students?


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Reading comprehension for all students is an essential element in the educational process. However, lack of ability to comprehend the written word is a predominate complaint about students in high school and beyond. I read not so long ago, many of the colleges within the United States, find it necessary to provide tutors for college freshmen who are lacking in this skill. Unless students develop the skills necessary for comprehension of the written word they will not be successful.

It matters not what career one chooses, reading comprehension is a basic requirement. All education requires one to read in order to learn, and reading without comprehending the content/meaning within the words is wasted time. Reading comprehension skills should be taught in first grade and every grade.

The ability to read and comprehend the written word is like climbing a ladder, one step at a time. Each grade level, should build on the skills taught in the previous grade. As a former teacher I recognize, not all of the textbooks in elementary school provide this step ladder approach to develop skills. Therefore, as you are doing teachers, must go beyond the textbooks and seek additional materials, to teach their students the unlearned skills, and then build from there.

I recommend you enter the words, "reading comprehension skills", into your search bar on your browser, click and begin to open the many websites available with free materials. Some of the sites will offer free worksheets, others will offer other types of help. There are 1000's of websites, from which to pick and choose what will fit best, for your students.

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