What Can I Do For A Sixth Grade Science Fair Project That Has To Do With Live Mice? (bring In A Mouse)


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A cardboard maze with a button for a light that the mouse can push to receive a treat. But you would have to train the mouse to push the button in order to give it a treat...or you could make a mouse powered light by using a bike generator hooked up to a exercise wheel...you may need help from your parents...or you could show their natural foraging skill by placing food in the maze and see if they can find the only path that will lead to the food..and then change the maze by placing a piece of cardboard in their path causing them to learn a different pathway to the food.showing they do have a brain that can learn from past experiences they have went through..
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I am not too sure about live mice, but, you can google science projects, and there are a ton of sites there that you can look at, hope this helps, good luck with it.
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A cardboard maze with movable walls then place food in the maze and let the mouse find the food(timing it with a stop watch/wristwatch) and then move a couple of the walls changing the maze timing the mouse and see how long it takes for the mouse to learn a new pathway to the food. Do this a half dozen times and show a record(chart) of the times and the different pathways . This will show to person/persons that are looking at the mouse maze that this small animal is capable of learning/thought has problem solving skills..or you could make a mouse light generator either for fun or to show that a mouse/animal can be used to generate work/power...I think you can use a bike generator and a exercise wheel attached to it to make the light work when the mouse runs on the wheel....villages,early settlers use to use animals to power pumps and pull plows before engines were built and poor countries still use raw horse power to do this work.or other animals oxen,donkeys,cows,camels..what's that phrase necessity is the mother of invention..maybe a new invention /old invention for a new toy for pet owners a "L.E.D.  Light up exercise wheel generator"just thought of that .....if you make millions from it I get 5 percent for the idea..: )

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