How Are Rectangles Used In Everyday Life?


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Rectangles can be seen all over the place in everyday life.

From the letterbox that your mail comes through to the kitchen table you eat your breakfast on - the rectangle is a pretty common (and important) shape.

Uses of rectangles
As defined by Euclidean geometry, a rectangle is a 4-sided shape with 4 right angles.

At a glance, rectangles are pretty much everywhere in our lives.

However, in real-life, even a piece of paper has three dimensions, and is therefore more accurately described as a rectangular prism.

Pedantry aside, you can find a million and one different uses for rectangles in everyday life.

For example:

  • Computer screen.
  • Boxes.
  • Paper.
  • Mouse pad.
  • TV Screen - The dimensions of images are more accurately displayed in a rectangular shape.
  • Books- A rectangular shaped book is easier to hold and flick through.
  • Dollar bills
  • Toast - wouldn't fit into a toaster unless it was a rectangle (although this begs the question 'what came first, the toast or the toaster?').
  • A football field.
What other rectangular shapes can you think of?
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Some signs that you see on the road are rectangles

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Some signs on the road that you see are rectangles

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Rectangles are found everywhere: In your home, school, work, or store.

Many buildings started as just a rectangle on a piece of paper that is also a rectangle.
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A rectangle can also be used for measurements and building homes.

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