How Are Equations And Formulas Used In Everyday Life?


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The only equations and formulas most people use daily are ones that involve totaling amounts, adding tax or shipping costs, or determining discounts or tips.

Some professionals in investments, insurance, science, medicine, architecture, construction, or engineering make use of formulas and equations more complicated than that. Some compute rates of return, compound interest, expected loss rates or amounts. Some compute areas, volumes, lengths. Others compute mixtures and doses. Some compute the effects of forces or flows or heat. Many professions have developed "rules of thumb," calculating tools, tables, or shortcut calculations so that the use of complicated formulas is avoided.
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Equations are used in real life in science and fields that use mathematics.

For example, accounting as a field is built almost entirely on the principles of an equation.    Accounting uses Debit and Credits which are the two sides of a transaction keep the books balanced.    This is the same as having an algebraic equation and having to apply the same multiplier or addition to either side of the equation to keep them equal.

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