Why Does A Butcher's Window Display : LET ME "MEAT" YOUR NEEDS!


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Will Martin answered
This is a well known example of a pun, or play on words. All languages have puns and they have a very long history - you can find them in Shakespeare, for instance.

The basis of most puns is the homophone. Homophones are pairs of words which have the same sound but different spelling and meaning. For example, a butcher sells MEAT. A common phrase used, especially by people trying to sell something, is "MEET your needs" eg: "We can meet all your shopping needs." (We can give you everything you need.)So the butcher is making a joke about the similarity of the two words, meat and meet. It's also a very economical way of saying: "we have all the meat you need (so you can buy it all from us.")

If you click a href="http://www.punoftheday.com/" target="blank">here you can find examples of puns and other jokes.
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Gillian Smith answered
It's an eye catching clever play on words. This is designed to attract customers to the window and then inside the shop and then of course to buy the meat.  It's the use of the two similar sounding words meet and meat that appeal to the senses. They of course mean two different things but join together a common element which is what the shop sells i.e meat.  It's supposed to be humourous and clever, therefore it's an eye catching slogan.

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