What Was Happening In 1964?


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There were countless noteworthy occurrences back in the year 1964; I'm unsure where to start. Picking one random event from some months: On January 20 that year, 'Meet the Beatles' which was the very first Beatles album seen in the United States, was finally released. On February 11, fighting breaks out between Greeks and Turks in Limassol, Cyprus.

On March 6, Constantine II went on to be King of Greece, following the death of King Paul, who was his father. On April 20, BBC2 commenced broadcasting in the UK. On July 21, race riots broke out in Singapore. Finally, on December 10, the Nobel Peace Prize was presented to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In Oslo, Norway.

For the BBC outlook on this particular year, visit They have divided happenings into Events, Music and Notable releases. You can visit different year's information such as '70s by year' or even 'The 70s in pictures'

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