How Many Sticks Of Butter Are Equal To 3/4 Of A Cup?


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There are one and a half sticks of butter in three fourths of a cup.

Sticks of Butter
A butter stick is half a cup. There are eight tablespoons in half a cup of butter. Thus, if you need a quarter of a cup you need half a stick of butter. If you need a half a cup you need a whole stick.

It then stands to reason, since a half a cup and a quarter of a cup is three quarters, that you would need one and a half sticks of butter to equal the three fourths of a cup you are asking about.

Solid Butter
Sticks of butter, in terms of measurement, are based on solid measurements. If you melt one and a half sticks of butter you may not get a full three quarters of a cup. This is because the volume has changed to a liquid from a solid, and amounts don't always convert equally when this transfer takes place.

Make Barking Easier
If you enjoy baking, or are just starting to learn and have found a love for it, you will find butter sticks are much easier to use. There are butter spreads in plastic tubs. This type of butter is a bit tougher to measure. Whereas the sticks are pre-measured and also have the tablespoon markings on the paper they are wrapped in.

You can choose between salted and unsalted butter. Most people like to go with unsalted butter as it still has a bit of salt, but not so much.
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There are four sticks (or two cups) in one pound of butter, so one stick of butter = 1/2 or 0.5 cups. Therefore 3/4 stick or 0.75 sticks is 0.375 cups.

An easier relationship (and easier to measure) is that one cup of butter is eight ounces, which equals 16 tablespoons. Therefore one stick of butter equals eight tablespoons, and each quarter stick of butter equals two tablespoons, so 3/4 stick is equal to six tablespoons.

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