When I Read A Lot I Forget Most Of What I Just Read. What Can I Do To Remember More (I Like To Read)?


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This is a common fact that most of us wish to improve our memory skills especially when trying to remember what we read; here are a few simple tips that you can implement in your daily lives so that your memory skills can be improved.

1. Think seriously about what you wish to remember: This is a process by using which you may send the data into your long-term memory. By doing so, you can store the newly gained data to your existing knowledge database, which eventually increases the chances for remembering it later.

2. Pay careful attention to your reading matter: Try to put your total focus on the area you are reading and wish to remember. Otherwise, there is hardly any chance that you can remember it later. You need to put a great effort while doing this, but you must be gainer in long run by doing this.

3. Focus on minimizing interference: In forgetting, interference with similar subjects may play a significant role. That is, if you focus on reading similar subjects at a time, the interference will occur and you have a hardly chance to remember things clearly. So avoid reading similar subjects one after another.

4. Try remembering things into clusters: Do not try to remember things whole at a time. Rather, read into pieces over several sessions.

5. Create visual imagery: Create a mental link between a visual image or group of visual images with your reading subjects. As we know that "A picture is worth a thousand words", it is proven useful in remembering objects and written pieces.

These are the very fundamental methodologies that are found to be very useful in remembering. There are few advanced techniques like 'state-dependent retrieval cues', 'shorthand code' etc.
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Thank you! This is very helpful. I am taking my first graduate class right now, and I am terrified by all the reading that I have to do, and the amount of writing. I find that taking copious notes helps a lot, but it really slows me down. Unfortunately for me. I am reading many different theorists on the same subject.
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I find taking a few notes after each chapter will keep you focused. When you stop and go back to the book, look over the notes to refresh you. I assume you are reading for a reason? Is this something you have to keep track of what is happening for a test? If so, take notes. If not stop reading after each chapter for a minute to reflect on what has just been going on. Then pick up and read some more.

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