How Many ML Make 1/4 Of A Cup?


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One quarter of a US Cup measurement is equivalent to 59.15 milliliters. According to Google, one cup equals 236.59 ml.

The cup is a customary unit of measurement for volume that is used in cooking to measure liquids and bulk foods such as granulated sugar or flour. It tends to be used informally and imprecisely in cooking recipes rather than as a measure for the commercial sale of foodstuffs.

There is no internationally agreed definition of the size of a cup. In modern times the definition of a cup tends to vary between 200 ml and 284 ml. In countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the Lebanon, a 'metric cup' measurement of 250 ml is commonplace.
In the United States, the 'customary' cup is defined as half a US pint, which equates to 236.59 ml. However for the legal purpose of nutrition labeling, the cup measurement in the US is defined as 240 ml. However the use of the cup unit for labeling is relatively rare in the United States.

The old 'imperial cup' measurement is rarely used today but equates to half an imperial pint (284 ml). Japan has the smallest recognized cup measurement - a Japanese cup is only 200 ml.

According to, the conversion rate of American standard units to metric units of volume is as follows:
• 1 teaspoon = 5 ml
• 1 tablespoon = 15 ml
• 1 cup = 225 ml
• 1 pint = 450 ml
• 1 quart = 1 liter
• 1 gallon = 4 liters
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60 mL equals to 1/4 of a cup.
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62.5 ml

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