What Is The Process Of Post Purchase Evaluation?


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As consumers use products, particularly during a trail purchase, they evaluate its performance in light of their own expectations. There are three possible outcomes of these evaluations that are actual performance matches expectations, leading to a neutral felling. Secondly performance exceeds expectations causing what is known as positive disconfirmation of expectations which leads towards satisfaction. Third one is performance is below expectations causing negative disconfirmation of expectations and satisfaction are closely linked that is consumer tend to judge their experience against their expectations when performing a post purchase evaluation.

An important component of post purchase evaluation is the reduction of any uncertainty or doubt that the consumer might have had about the selection. As part of their purchase analysis, consumer try to reassure themselves that their choice was a wise one and they attempt to reduce post purchase cognition dissonance. They do this by adopting one of the following strategies. They may rationalize the decision as being wise they may seek advertisements that support their choice and avoid those of competitive brands. The degree of post purchase analysis that consumers undertake depends on the importance of the product decision and the experience required in using the product. When product will live up to expectation it usually will be repurchased by the customer.

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