How To Write My Name On The Desktop?


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To write your name and see it on screen is very simple to do with the help of any graphic software like paint, adobe or as simple as you like the software ,even you can do it in power point also its very easy just write your name in the slide in any font style and then select that text box and then right click on it here is option save picture as when you click it then after this your can save it as a jpg,gif file format and this jpg or gif picture will be your background and you can see your name in the background .
But if you need your name to be pasted on a colour full base then you should use You can do this by making a background in any graphic software e.g in pain or in adobe ,simple in paint you copy your desired picture which you want to see on the background and write your name on this background by using text tool .You can also give just the plain colour base and just save this background as a picture via the save as command and then opening that picture and make it the wallpaper for your desktop then your name will be appear on the background with the colour full or your desired picture with your name .
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You have a choice of background images displaying your name which you may then set-up as your wallpaper on your desktop. For instance, your name can be decoratively scripted in several imaging software. Alternatively, take a picture of your name with your web cam and set it as your desktop.

For instance, try 'Paint', available free on your Windows computer software. Find it under 'Start', 'Programs', 'Accessories' and then under 'Paint'. Use the Text tool (by clicking the 'A' button on the left). Select a size as per your preference and input your name. Choose from several fonts, sizes, colours and other formatting options. Decorate the same if you so desire. Then select 'File' and 'Set as Wallpaper' either (Tiled) or (Centred).

Another cool tip would be 3D Text' displaying your name as your screensaver. Go to 'Properties' by right-clicking anywhere on your desktop background. Go to 'Screen Saver'. Select '3D Text', then 'Setup'. Under 'Text' input your name. Click 'OK', then 'Apply'.

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