How To Write An Acknowledgement Page On My Report Of The Internship?


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This part of your Intern report should appear as the second section, after your Introduction is complete. A typical, proper Acknowledgment Page on a report of an internship should contain detailed information about any assistance received during the process, as well as a statement of endorsement that stipulates that you have written the report on your own, and that it isn't copied (in other words, plagiarized) from another student or intern's work.

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There is a detailed and formal format for any internship report; therefore, this is really not the right place to "get creative" or "express yourself". This is a business-like document that outlines the events that have transpired during an internship, and it should be carefully written to be truthful, polite, and respectful of all parties involved in the internship process.

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Airing grievances or complaining is inappropriate; instead, learn the proper format, and use it to craft a polished, engaging document that is complete. If you must criticize, do it honestly, but gently.

When you've finished the body of your report, proof-read it over and over again until you're satisfied that there are absolutely no issues with spelling errors, awkward or bad grammar, and incorrect punctuation.

Make the most of your internship report by writing a document you are proud to put your name on. Spend lots of time researching the format and expectations before you write a single word. Get your dates, times, facts and figures straight, and compile a list of everyone who helped or contributed to an internship situation.

Then, you'll be ready to write a report that is proper, accurate, and pleasing to the reader. This report will be subject to scrutiny and judgment from others, so it's vital that you do your best and submit a report that covers all of the bases.

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