How To Write A Cheque?


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Writing a cheque is very easy but you have to be very careful while writing it because if there are any kinds of small anomalies, your cheque will be cancelled and you will have to face some bank charges.

In order to write a check, first thing you need to make sure that you have enough money in the bank account and the amount that you write on the cheque has to be less than the amount in the bank. Next thing to do is write the name of the person, company or foundation you wish to give the money to. Next thing is to carefully write the amount of money in words and then in numbers. You need to sign it carefully and it has to be the sign that is registered with the bank. It is your choice what date to write. You can write the present day's date, a previous date or a future date. In case of a future date, the person will only be able to withdraw the money on or after the future date.

Make sure you cross the cheque so that in case of the theft of the cheque, your money will safely stay in the account.
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Whilst yours is the nearest thing to useful I have found it still doesn't answer the question. I have E*TRADE checks. The check, in order left to right descending, asks me for the following: "Date" - OK, no prob; "Pay to the Order Of" - is this the person I am paying or their bank?; " dollars" - No prob.; "For" - is this for the service I am purchasing or the individual I am paying?; Sign - no prob., but what do the letters MP at the end stand for?
I would appreciate some advice on this.

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