How To Write One Thousand Pounds On A Cheque?


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In order to write one thousand pounds on a cheque (check), a person must write out the actual number,1,000, along with the pound symbol, £, (which goes before the number itself); this number must be written on one portion of the check (in a box on the right). Then, the number must be written out again, in print or cursive writing, on the longest, second blank line of the check. Once both of these areas are complete, the check can be filled out as usual, and then it can be used to pay for an item or service. There are many benefits to using checks, rather than debit cards or credit cards. These include:

Benefits Of Using Checks

• Record-keeping - Checks will be processed through the bank, and cancelled checks will be returned to the payee, which facilitates efficient record-keeping.
• Convenience - It's very easy to use checks; once a person knows how to write a dollar amount on a check, such as 1,000 pounds, and add the recipient's name, all he or she will need to do is sign his or her name on the bottom of the check. If desired, a memo can also be jotted down on the check... This can be a notation about what the money is being used for... Examples might include "July rent" or "school fees".
• Security - When you sign a check to another person, he or she (or a company) is the only ones who can cash the cheque and collect the monies indicated on the check; this feature adds an extra level of security to financial transactions.

Learning how to use checks can help a person take control over their financial life; however, in order to write checks, a person must have a bank account with a financial institution or credit union. In order to qualify for a bank account, one must present proper identification, including proof of address, a driver's license (or birth certificate) and pay stubs (if direct deposit of paycheques will be part of account services).

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