How To Write An Application For Issue A Cheque Book In A Bank?


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To write an application for a check book, you need to have a checking account with bank first. Only then can you be issued a check book for the checking account you opened. The best way is to write it simply, getting all the relevant details in an easy-to-read format.

First of all, you need to write to the manager of the bank, along with his name and position. The next step is create a subject line, highlighting the fact you're applying for a check book, relevant to your account. In the bulk of the letter, you need to give the details of your account, and then ask about the possibility of the bank issuing a check book. The final step is to sign the letter underneath the text, finishing with your name in capital letters, and your address that's connected with the account you have. An example of a letter is explained below.

Bank Manager's Name
Bank Name
Bank Address

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject of letter : Requisition for a new check book

This is a letter to request you to issue me a check book of ___ leaves for my account with you. I have a "specify" Account with you, with account number ______. This account is in the name of ______ / joint holder ______.

I understand that the charges for the new check book will be debited from my account upon the issuing of the check book.

The check book can be sent to my address at:

"specify address"

Yours faithfully,

"Your Name in capital letters"
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The Manager,
XYZ Bank, Branch XYZ (Branch code)
Place, State, Pin Code

Subject: Application for issuing a new cheque book...

DEAR Sir/Madam
This Mr. XYZ, s/o Mr. ABC. I have a Saving a/c (or any type of a/c) in your bank, in branch XYZ (branch code) and my a/c number is 123xxxxxxxxxxx321. Iam requesting you please kindly issue me a new cheque book...
I request you to do the needful at the earliest...

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully
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Request for new cheque book on  my behalf to my brother
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The Bank Manager,
Bank Name

Dear Sir,

Sub: Requesting for the Cheque Book or Pass Book

I am XXXX(name) who have opened a savings account in your bank xxxxx branch. I would request you to provide me the cheque book / pass book for my account no xxxxxx.

Kindly do the needful

Thanks and Regards,
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Here's an example:


The Manager

SBI Angamaly branch

Sub:request for a check book


am (name) holding an account of (a/c)365858744  with you branch for
past eight years.Since i have completed the previous check book i humbly
request you to provide another one to make the transanction more

                                                                              Thanking you

                                                                  name and sign

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Dear Sir or Madam:
Please send me a book of checks (cheques). And put some money in my bank account while you are at it.

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