What Are Importance Of Reading Habit?


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Reading is one of the most important skills a child can learn and is something he will use daily throughout his life.  Good reading habits are essential, here is why.

  1. Reading increases vocabulary: The more a child reads, the more new words he will get to know and be able to use in his conversations and written work. Through reading he will learn words that he may not hear in normal every day conversations.
  2. Reading lengthens attention span: When we encourage good reading habits while our children are young,  their attention span will increase enabling them to focus for longer. Reading helps to rectify the poor attention span in the young generation..
  3. Good reading habits help children progress at school: Children who enjoy reading before they even start school will adapt far more easily to the classroom environment which is reading focused..
  4. Reading habits developed early stay with us as adults: Children who read from an early age and regularly will develop a love for books which will stay with them into adulthood.
  5. Reading encourages a willingness to learn: Children with good reading habits enjoy learning about the rest of the world and different cultures. When they ask questions based on what they have read, they learn even more.

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