Please Tell Me Courses Related To Jobs For B.Com Students In Computers Or Any Other Field? Is There Any Use For Doing ACCP Course In Aptech? Please Tell Me


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As you are student of B.COM. You must have to be strong enough in concept for accounts and finance. In order to get the good job you should be sure that whatever you are going to do must hold a command in that so I would recommend you that there are many subjects as a job you can select for. Just for example if you are good in taxation you can be good income tax practitioners and now many companies are offering specializations in taxation.

If you select accounting for the job the additional thing I would recommend you that you should also know about the working and knowledge of Peachtree accounting software of QuickBooks. These two softwares are very much famous and have great demand in the market. If you want to go completely to the computer sides then you should have some technical course or networking course then you will be able at least to get a network administrator job. So you have to make your decision. ACCP is related to finance and accounts so if you do it, it will be your plus point the companies might consider it but you have to see before that if any job or jobs are being advertised against ACCP. Aptech is good institute.

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