How Do I Build A Timeline?


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Building a timeline can be a relatively simple procedure. There are three main types ~ a wall, book and computer timeline. The first two are made by hand, while the latter can be produced using software such as Microsoft Word or Excel. There also specialized programs for building timelines, including Easy Timeline Creator and TimeLiner 5.0. First, you must decide the period and the data increments, or how it should be spaced out. These spaces should be roughly equal, e.g. one for every major event or year. Depending on length and space, the increments should be practically relative to the size of the period. The increments can be added either by preparing and then sticking events onto measured points on the timeline, which can also be supplemented by images. On a computer program, this is often done automatically, with you simply having to add in the data and whatever media that you feel is relevant.

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