How To Work Out Land Measurements In Pakistan?


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1 marla  =  272. 25  sq ft
20 marla =  1 kanal
8  kanal  =  1 acre
1 acre    =    43560  sq  ft
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What is the unit senkli equal to..a term used in survey drawings in sindh..
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Sankli is a iron chain equal to 33 ft long and its divided into 16 anas (aproximatly an ana = 2 ft). Sankli was used as a measuring unit in early Land Survey in Sindh (1880 to 1930) In that time Fiber glass or Plastic material was not available so all the measuring tools/units were made from iron or wood. The maps of agricultural Land in Sindh are mostly drawn on the scale of 1 inch = 20 sankli (Chains) = 660 ft.

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