What Is Report Writer And Its Utilities?


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The report writer aspects of DBMS software simplifies the process of generating after querying the DBMS system for information. The procedure is fairly easy. Report headings, column headings for the items to be included in the report, as well as any totals, subtotals, or other calculations are easily specified. The report form can then be saved for future use.
Some DBMS software also includes screen generators to simplify the process of making data readily accessible to users. Screen generators display pre formatted "forms" on the screen that users fill in to retrieve, modify, and/or add data.
The utilities part of the DBMS software is used to maintain the database on an ongoing basis. This includes such tasks as:
• Creating and maintaining the data dictionary
• Removing records flagged for deletion.
• Establishing control of access to potions of the database
• Providing an easy way to back up the database.
• Monitoring performance
• Preventing data corruption when multiple users attempt to access the same database simultaneously
• Reorganizing the data in the database into predefined sort order to make access quicker.

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