How Do I Type A Number To The Second Power?


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It often depends on type of word processor or publisher being used but most versions have the compatibility to type a number as a superscript such as "x2”.

A subscript or superscript is a number, figure, symbol or indicator that appears smaller than the normal line of type and is set slightly below or above it - subscripts appear at or below the line while superscripts are above. Subscripts and superscripts are perhaps best known for their use in formulae, mathematical expressions, and descriptions of chemical compounds. In this case you want to write a number that represents the second power, such as x2.

It can often be frustrating when you want to type a superscript such as "x2” into a word processor and it comes out as x2 or x2. Not only can it make you look unprofessional and untidy but it can also be misleading and highly significant to the meaning of the writing.

Luckily there are usually specific ways to write a superscript in most desktop publishers. If you are using Microsoft Word it is very easy. If you are using the latest edition, 2010, there should be a tab towards the left hand corner of the screen, which displays an A2 symbol. Click on this tab and whatever you write will be written in small letters above the baseline of the text. There is also a keyboard shortcut, which enables you to do this. Simply press down the "ctrl” and "shift” keys as well as the "=+” key. This will put everything you write as a superscript.

If you are using Adobe Photoshop and need a superscript you can do the exact same thing as Word. "Ctrl” and "Shift” and the "+=” key.

If you are using OpenOffice it is slightly different. You have to use "ctrl”, "shift” and the "p” key.

If all else fails you can always find an example of a superscript online somewhere then copy and paste this into your work. You can then put in the desired number that you need. It is a little more time consuming but gets the same result.
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If you have superscripts available, you can use a superscript 2 to indicate the second power.
x2 is x to the second power.

If you can only type plain text, you can write out the multiplication, or you can use the caret (^) symbol as an exponentiation operator.
  x*x is x to the second power
  x^2 is x to the second power

You could also use a special "raised 2" symbol. You may run into trouble with this when it is rendered in a font that doesn't support the character.
   is x to the second power.

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