How Do You Spell The Number 15?


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The correct spelling of the number 15 is 'fifteen'. Due to its phonetic similarity to the number 50, it is quite commonly misinterpreted and misspelled. There are a number of interesting facts about the number 15. It is associated with many topics such as science, mathematics and even sport. As a digit, it is included in a lot of mathematics. For example, fifteen is a triangular, hexagonal and a pentatope number and it can be divided by one, three and five.

Other uses of and facts about the number fifteen include:

• Fifteen years of marriage is the crystal anniversary. It is the most commonly celebrated anniversary. There isn't another 'special' anniversary until five years later when you have reached twenty years of marriage.
• It is possible to buy factor 15 sunscreen. The number here gives you an idea of how long you can be out in the sun shine without burning. In order to calculate 'safe time' with sunscreen you need to multiple 'safe time' without sunscreen by the sun protection factor (in this case, 15).
• In tennis, 15 is the first point received in a game.
• In the Rugby Union, there is fifteen players on the field.
• It is the number of days in each of the twenty four cycles of the Chinese calendar.
• There are fifteen minutes in one quarter of an hour.
• In religion, on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan, Passover begins. Then on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Tishrei, Sukkot begins.
• Once somebody reaches the age of fifteen they may be able to do a number of things that a fourteen year old is unable to do. In the UK you can be sent to prison to await trial and able to watch films which are rated as '15'.
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It is spelled like fifteen not fithteen it is only seven letters
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The correct spelling of 15 is fifteen
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Hey I got it right. I couldn't quite be sure other day when writing a check. If that h was in there. We all didn't have english teachers for Mothers. I worked with a guy who did. Got grammar lessons al the time.

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