What Is The Importance Of Circles?


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Regardless of whether you are referring to physical, metaphorical or symbolic circles, it appears that this shape has tremendous importance to human life as we know, perhaps in more ways than you would be aware.

  • In its physical form

For example, you may be referring to the importance of a circle in its physical form. Consider the shape of a wheel and how many vehicles we have in modern day society. The vast majority of these vehicles would not be able to function if it were not for the wheel. There are numerous physical circles that make a different to our every day lives and some of them include steering wheels, cogs, CDs and DVDs, plates.

Of course - there is also the consideration of the shape when used in language and numbers. Consider the use of a circular shape to represent zero in numbers or the letter 'o' in the written form of several languages. It is strange to contemplate an alternative, isn't it?

  • Don't forget metaphorical circles, too

You can also consider the importance of metaphorical circles; the propose shape of a cycle that we live by. For example, the fact that we refer to our man-made construct of a year as a circle. It runs from January all the way through to December and then starts again at the beginning. There are no corners and no vertices; it simply loops around from the end to the start. The use of the shape in this way gives us a model to construct other cycles.

From the practical perspective to the philosophical ponderings, it appears that circles are greatly important to our society. Not to mention we inhabit a giant three-dimensional version of a circle.

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