How Did Kenya Achieve Independence?


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Kenya achieved independence through a lengthy and difficult struggle from 1896 until 1963.

In 1400 the first major ownership of Kenya was taken by the Portuguese empire. After this, there were no significant changes in its leadership as such until 1700, 300 years later. In 1720, Kenyan power was claimed from the Portuguese by the Arab states. The next major development was marked by the Berlin Conference which took place in 1884. At this time, major European countries battled it out to take power of certain African countries; Kenya was one of these. Britain fought particularly strongly for Kenya due to good economic possibilities alongside its location in relation to Uganda and Egypt (which the Britain also wanted to acquire). Needless to say Britain won and gained control of Kenya from 1885.

In 1896, the Kenyan people began to protest against the British ruling of their country and fought strongly for independence from here on. The Kenyans believed that they were treated as second rate citizens by the British rulers and were not prepared to accept this behaviour in their homeland. In the 1950s, the Kenyan people were given permission to form their own political parties; consequently two primary parties were formed by the 1960s. By 1961, Kenya had its first Kenyan independent president who was able to guide the country through the changes independence would bring. Full independence from Britain was finally achieved on the 12th December 1963 after this long struggle, spanning almost seven decades.
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Kenya is located in East Africa, bordering Ethiopia, Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda. Kenya gained its Independence in the year 1963. Kenya as a country was not known until British rulers drew boundaries all over Africa and thus formed a part of the colony they named Kenya. Since the area was divided into tribes, they soon stood against the British Empire and started a war of liberation in 1952. It was fought between the Britishers and the Mau Mau Gorilla group.. Due to their armed struggle, Kenya won independence in the year 1963.
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In 1963

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