What Is A Good Vampire First And Last Name?


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A good Vampire first and last name would be one that is Romanian. This is because vampires originated in Transylvania, a region located in Romania. Vlad III the Impaler, the Prince of Wallachia was the inspiration for Count Dracula. Vlad III fought several battles with the Ottoman Turkish armies before he was eventually captured and killed. He was well-known for impaling any person he captured. There were also rumours that Vlad and his army drank the blood of captured soldiers. This is where the legend of the vampire came from.

Some Romanian names that sound villainous for males are: Dragos Dragomir; Lucian Kinczllers; Dorin Mondragon; Grigore Carp; and Decebal Cornea. Some examples of vicious female names are: Narcisa Stinga; Ionela Vladu; Anca Steala; Viorica Tere; and Domnica Tirea. If you are interested in more familiar names, you might consider for a male: Xavier Dragoon; Damien Dagger; Dorian Powers; Lucifer Mystic; and Hades Dracul. Some female names include: Cruella Diablo; Persephone Deathknight; Violencia Terror; Terra Grimm; and Vanity Bloodtear. You could try making your names comical. Some examples are Angelica Fangs, Darlene Divine and Vampire Jim-Bob. The type of name you choose for your vampire would depend on what type of vampire you want to have.

If you want more ideas for vampire names, try watching movies or television shows about vampires. True Blood and Vampire Diaries are some television shows. You could even try watching historical documentaries about vampires for inspiration. 30 Days of Night, Priest, Underworld, and Twilight are examples of vampire flicks. There are good examples in vampire literature such as: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter; Bloodlines; The Vampire Chronicles; The Morganville Vampires series; and Carmilla. Vampire history is very interesting to read and learn about. If you are able to research it, you may be able to come up with good vampire names on your own.

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I am ALSO! Writing a vampire love story I have come up with a few and thought I should share them with you guys. Female: Jasmine Lorick male: Joseph Keller female: Alice Caylan male: Alacard Keat I hope I can share some of my vampire story the title is Eye of the Fang.
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Alec Deravious
Joseph Nicolai
Damian Vallejo
Lucas Federonti
Jame's Valenteeno
(Hope this helped)  :)
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If you are trying to create the persona of a female vampire you can choose a name from several sources. Many of the best names are derived from famous literature, ancient mythology, and the personalities of more ancient times.

Some Victorian first names are excellent for this purpose. Using a name from this period adds a certain authenticity. Names such as Rowena and Druscilla evoke the images of bygone eras and are especially appropriate for people who have been undead for centuries. Even more common names will suffice beautifully when prefaced by titles. Consider Lady Ann or Princess Lorraine as a good female vampire name.

If you choose to sink deeper into the Gothic aspect of vampire names, then appellations such as Melicia, Theodanandam, and Aldornia are excellent choices that a female vampire could use to lure and ensnare a helpless victim.

However, the surname is just as important. The surname can be a combination of words expressing the world of darkness, the tempting call of the undead, or a harkening back to the origins of vampires. A Victorian or Gothic first name blended with a Slavic or Romanian surname is quite descriptive. Another good method of selecting a last name is to use foreign words that mean danger or evil. Pairing a surname like Malvagio ("evil" in Italian) with a Gothic first name conveys the personification of a great female vampire like Lady Veronica Malvagio.

Additional names are provided for your inspiration, to aid your creative thought processes, or as any good vampire will tell you, just for the taking.

Lilith Albsuel
Countess Helene Rathsack
Doriana Eboncrypt
Edwina Ceauê
Lady Galena Blandiana
Fairamay Gefahr (German for “danger”)
Madame Delphia Bacimorte (Italian for “kiss/death”)
Cassandra Knightly
Vanessa Blashko
Mrs. Cleona Lessing
Angelina foltier [f] and diesel van hock [m]
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I think it should be something from Romania because that's where Vlad The Impaler comes from (the real Dracula). He was a prince of Wallachia.Here's a site that has some good names. How about Anton Wallachia?
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i would like some names that you think are cute, unusual, mysterious, ect. But what about some female names. Those would be most help helpful and something mysterious and almost...sexy.
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What about Cruise Parker or something weird like in a book I read he was called 'Patch Cipriano' and it was excellent. Maybe 'Jules' or Elliot Saunders like in the book, a Weird first name and normal second or the other way around, Ive got 'Noah Thanat' because thanat means death.
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I'm also writing a story about vampires and werewolves and one of my characters last name is just Parker,because I didn't know another name
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Umm... I think that vampires should have last names like Thomas, Marshall, Evan, Grimm, Gross, stuff like that. If any of you know more that would help me also
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Well if you where trying to fit in like if the vampire went to school like in twilight use normal last names that only has a hint of mysteriousness like Davia or Van Hock but if you went for some full blown mysterious last names that would be kind of weird I hope I helped :]
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Edward Cullen. Lol. Um...one for a male vampire, maybe Robert Solar? Because it contridicts the idea of a vampire? (Solar = sun)
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Also, for a last name you might want to have Gould because it's the remnant of a lunar crater formation that lies in the midst of the Mare Nubium, in the southwest quadrant of the Moon.
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Okay, i did! Don't shoot! (LOL) but i really want some mysterious modern names, if possible. Maybe something like...Gwen or Leonora. Maybe even Tamara.
Thanks again and i rgink i'll use Gould.
Emily Dell'Angelo
Hey.ya i'l writing a story too and the only vampires i know are the Cullens :] and i obviously cant take that last name.but i cant come up with anything thats different and old-timey...if you get what i mean.but if you can come up with anything thats different and that would sound like a vampires last name.i have all the first names,cause i'm good with coming up with those cause i'm Italian and when i think of vampires i guess because of the whole Twilight stuff i just thinking Italian. :]
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Fist name Edward because on Twilight that's his name and last I don't really know maybe Kirk?Well ask your mom or something because I don't have the answer
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The names should be unique and cool like.. Arcado , Edmundo , Yanro ,Espelimbergo.. Yeahh.. Names that has the *do , go , ro ...* thing!! Haha..
I really like vampires, especially our house made so one .. She told me a  story..

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