Where Can I Read Anita Blake Online For Free?


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Books in the 'Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter' series can be read for free at:

The 'Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter' series of novels was created by the author Laurell K Hamilton. The series takes place in a parallel fantasy world where fictional creatures such as; vampires, werewolves, fairies and shape shifters exist. The main character Anita Blake has a night job re-animating the dead - using magical abilities to bring temporary life to dead bodies in order to ask them questions for legal purposes.

Anita Blake is a 27 year old resident of St Louis who was born as a 'necromancer' with the power to raise and control zombies. She works as an animator for 'Animators, Inc.'

Abilities that Anita has include:
• Necromancing - Anita can also 'heal' any sign of decay and injury, fooling the untrained eye
• Combat training - she has a black belt in Judo
• Detective training - Anita has been involved in many investigations with RPIT and the FBI
• Vampire powers - she can copy vampire powers used against her, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently

As of July 2011 there have been 20 novels in the series, the most recent of which was 'Hit List' which was released on 7 June 2011. In addition to this there have been four short story collections. The Anita Blake character has also appeared in several Marvel Comics stories and adaptations.

The author Laurell K Hamilton was born on 19 February 1963 in Heber Springs, Arkansas, USA. As well as the Anita Blake series, she has also penned the urban fantasy 'Merry Gentry' series, where the world of fairies interacts with the real world. Both of these series are largely based in St Louis, Missouri, where Hamilton currently lives.

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