How Can You Maintain Your Good Grades?


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One of the keys to maintaining steady and good grades is to never lose focus as far as your academic career is concerned. As we grow up, the distractions in our lives increase. If earlier the sole distraction was the urge to play games at all times, once you hit teenage, it seems like the distractions explode into a million-branched tree of wants.

There is the urge to buy hip and cool stuff, hang out with the crowd, have a girlfriend or boyfriend, depending on whether you are a boy or a girl, and so many other things. Some of these are negative things, like the urge to smoke and drink, experiment with narcotics, etc.

It becomes such that getting a good grade seems the toughest thing in life ever. The only way to get over this feeling is to remember that in that age, your prime concern is to study and make a strong foundation for a career. You will have all the time in the world for the other stuff, but if you do not study hard and get grades, you are effectively shutting the door to success on your own face.

Maintaining this kind of focus is what will ensure that you get good grades all the time. It also pays to plan out your academic year in advance, so your studies move according to plan, and you are not nervous or a last-minute wreck as your exams draw nearer. Such a structured approach ensures that you are right on target, and gives you the motivation to do better each time.

Discussing with previous success stories about how they coped with the stress of education in today's environment would also go a long way in helping you retain your focus and strategize such that you have fun in life, and also get the best grades.
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Listen and focus during class, and study there already while your inside the classroom. Make sure you understand every topic that will be discussed, and not only learn or hear about it. If you maintain this habit you will not have a hard time in studying or reviewing for quizzes or examinations.

Well after class, remove all your stress. Give yourself a break and relax. But still you need to have discipline and learn how to limit/manage your time for study and fun or free time.

I've been doing this in two years already and it helped me a lot.
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If you have good grades but have a weakness in a certain subject I would suggest have a partner in that specific class to help with the classwork and homework

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