How Can You Write Your Name Instead Of 'START' On The Start Menu?


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First restart your computer press F8 button run computer with "safe mode with command prompt"  then a window will appear give command as follows
"c:/windows rs"
then again a blue window will appear
then click on search menu
type word "start" in search dialog box then start word will be high lighted on your previous blue window write your name insted of start. Press ctrl+s
then directly restart your computer
and start button is hacked.
Remember do not delete any text in blue window
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You can write your name on start button in any version of windows xp and do other fun things with its other features like edit themes etc by using a software called "windows blind".You can also use "tune up utilities" for this purpose.
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To change the START name from your start menu; you have to follow some steps.
-   Right click on START, and then click properties.
-   After selecting the view tab select your desired menu style and then click on customize.
-   Click on advance tab, a window will be open select folder option from title bar, then from left side right click on START and click rename.
-   Write your desired name and your start men
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I am Unable to Understand this way!! please explain it in detail
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As you said about the folder option is there ...but there is not in Windows Xp.. Soo please explain in detail.. It's a humble request.

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