Why We Do Study The Geometry?


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Geometry is a branch of mathematics and is a subject that you either love or hate; the name originating from the words "geo" meaning "earth" and "metria" which is Greek for "measure".When studying geometry you will learn about measurements and the study of shape and position of 2 dimensional shapes and 3 dimensional figures, problem solving, spatial reasoning and much more.

Geometry is extremely important in the building trade. Can you imagine if no one studied Geometry, who would build all the houses in years to come? Geometry is important in many other occupations also, such as;

• Architecture
• Engineering
• Surveying
• Physics
• Astronomy

If any of these lines of business is of interest to you then geometry should be high on your list of skills.

Over the years geometry has evolved a great deal, in the early years it focused mainly on shape and solids; nowadays it still focuses on shape and solids but more on problem solving, logical thinking, analytical reasoning and measurements.

Whilst studying geometry you will regularly use the following equipment;

• Compass
• Protractor
• Ruler
• Graphing calculator

Geometry is taught at a very early age in school introducing shapes and teaching students how to simply draw objects such as squares, rectangles, triangles and teaching them the names of the shapes. Later the students will go on to learn measurements and problem solving. Geometry can be extremely interesting and fun especially if you enjoy drawing.

Even if you don't want a career in any of the linked occupations you will be surprised how much geometry plays a part in daily chores or just everyday activities, for example DIY, or even a game of pool.
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We study geometry to know how to create for measuring in every shape...
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We study it to learn how to measure and to know whats the difference of all the shapes we don't need only for our future but also to our life.
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We do geometry to learn about shapes because we will probably need it for the future
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We study Geometry so we can learn why shapes are shapes and we may need them for the future
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We study geometry so we can learn about the shapes and we may need them for the future...
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We Study geometry so we can learn how to create a shape for our future so that we can create a house or a building that we uses geometry !

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