What Are The Different Job Fields After 12th Form Science?


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Sara Lewis answered

The good news  is that there are lots of different job fields you could get into if you have taken science in 12th grade. 

It is a very broad subject which gives you lots of transferable skills which employers regard very highly, you just need to figure out what you're best at, and what you enjoy the most.

My first recommendation would be to decide which scientific field interests you most.

For example, if you like biology, you might be interested in getting into the medical profession. This doesn't have to be a doctor or a nurse, you could look at at a specialised position too. You don't even need a degree for some  jobs, just an interest in the field.

If Physics floats your boat, on the the other hand, you might want to explore engineering jobs.

Or, if Chemistry is your thing, then there are a huge amount of opportunities for laboratory research jobs, or you could become involved in energy and environmental work, advocating for sustainability issues even!

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