How To Write A Letter To Headteacher To Inform That The Child Is Leaving The School?


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When your child leaves school the authorities should be informed. A letter to the Headmaster, informing him / her about your child leaving is generally required and it’s a nice touch to also write additional letters of appreciation to any teachers who’ve taken a special interest in or bonded with your child.

The headmaster’s letter would normally begin with the date and a formal salutation such as; Dear Sir, (when you’re not on first name basis); or a Dear John equivalent (if you happen to know him and are on familiar terms with him). The first paragraph would outline your intention of withdrawing the child from school with the reason for doing so. The second paragraph would convey either your appreciation at your child’s positive experiences at the school or your dissatisfaction where things haven’t worked out as expected. The last paragraph would conclude the letter with information about your plans, assuming that you’re willing to share them. The letter would conclude with a sign-off (e.g: Yours sincerely) and with your signature above your full name.

Letters of appreciation addressed to teachers who have done that little bit extra for your child are a nice touch. These are usually quite relaxed and note-like, written solely to record your thanks. By directly corresponding with the child’s teachers you enable them to reciprocate with their well-wishes for you and your family. Equally importantly, they may pass on notes about your child’s current progress and include information useful for his next teachers to know about.

Just remember that while these are formalities and formats for them exist, letters are primarily a matter of you writing down what you think in plain, simple English. They do not have to meet an unknown, unseen standard. In fact in all cases, as long as you are polite, the more straightforward you are, the better.
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Dear (name of the headteacher),

I am writing to advise you that my son/daughter (full name and address) will be leaving your school on (date) as we are (give reason).

Thank you so much for all the help you have given my child whilst at your school.

Yours sincerely,

(Your name)
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I am sripriyan father sorry to say that my I planed send back to india so going to stop study in your school

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