What Is T.l.e.subject?


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The TLE subject is the technology and livelihood eduction which is taught in many of the secondary schools based in the Philippines. 
It has various components which are considered important and mandatory for all secondary school students following the TLE course:
  • Arts
  • Home economics/Cooking
  • Fishery
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial art
  • Information & Communication Technology
As you can see, the subjects that form the Technology and Livelihood Education are very practical.

The subject is said to prepare the pupils for real life and give them valuable experience in many skills and crafts they may use in later life. It is slightly different to a lot of other education and is not solely based in a classroom with exams at the end of it.

The students normally learn the following in their technology and livelihood education lessons:

  • The values of creativity
  • Using indigenous Filipino materials in their projects
  • Concern for the environment
  • Logical, creative and critical ways of thinking
TLE has a great role to play in the overall education of a student; many other countries could learn a lesson from this approach. Too often schools are obsessed with grades and exam performance which can leave many students graduating with little knowledge or skills that can aid them in later life.

Apprenticeship type classes have started to be introduced in some schools and colleges in the UK and US and a correlation can be made between this approach and what is taught at TLE.

Many graduates are left jobless as their only skills are the ones they have got their degree in and due to high demand for those jobs, people can be left never finding suitable job due to the limits of their qualification. Therefore widening their knowledge and skills is a great way to increase their chances of employment when they leave school.

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