What Is TLE?


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TLE stands for technology and livelihood education and it forms part of the secondary school syllabus in Philippine's schools.

The idea is that the students will be prepared for 'real-life' and it is somewhat of a crash course of the keys things the education board believes will be useful to them once they leave school.

A lot of education is simply essay and exam based and is only used to try and grade and categorize a person and so once they have done the work and exam then what they have learned will most probably be forgotten or they will never come across a time when it is of use.

Therefore the Philippine education board believe that life-skills should also be a part of a students secondary school education and so have introduced the subject of technology and livelihood eduction.

The students are typically taught the following at their technology and livelihood education programs:

• The values of creativity
• Using indigenous Filipino materials in their projects
• Concern for the environment
• Logical, creative and critical ways of thinking

TLE is seen as a valuable branch of the education tree and is said to help sculpt a pupil from a child into an adult. It is something that many schools around the world could truly benefit from if they took a similar approach.

Schools in the UK are trying to cater for the less academic side and have started offering a lot more vocational type qualifications. This is a good sign that they are realizing that life-skills can be just as important as a grade on a sheet of paper.

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