How To Write A Leaving Certificate? Give The Format


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It has been noted that a leaving certificate can be a document written by a school for students who intend to leave before the end of their term. In addition, there are curriculum's of Irish exams that occur at the end of secondary school known as the Leaving Certificate Examinations.

  • Leaving Certificate for schools
In terms of a leaving certificate needed for school, then the information I can give you is how to request a certificate through a well written letter. A student will need to write to the principal for them to grant them a leaving certificate.

  • How to write the letter
In order to produce an appropriate letter for a leaving certificate, the structure needs to be decided straight away. This is a formal letter so you must type it on a computer and place your home address in the top left hand corner. Opposite your address and a few lines down you should write the school's address with the name of the principal at the top.

When it comes to filling out the body of the letter, you must firstly address the principal and then leave a line and go into the rest of the letter. In terms of content you should state why you are leaving followed by your request for a leaving certificate.

Keep in mind that it does not need to be a long winded letter, therefore be straight to the point. You should end the final paragraph thanking them for the time you have had at the school and hope that they will respond to your request.
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As a leaving certificate is a formal document, it should be presented on letterhead.  It should contain the subject's full name, date of birth, date of admission, grade at admission and on completion, and reason for leaving (often graduation/promotion/continuation).  If the certificate is for education, often the Ministry of Education should have endorsed it.  There should be a signature from a head teacher/principal as well as an official school stamp.

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