How To Get Admission In National Defence Academy?


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Admission to the National Defence Academy of India requires one be eligible for admission based on specific criteria. One must complete an admission form and submit it to the appropriate office. When approval is granted, the final step for admission is the passing the required examination.

The completion of the 10+2 Examination is required. One must be a citizen of India; a subject of Bhutan or Nepal, a Tibetan refugee from Pakistin, Buram, Srilanka, the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, or United Republic of Tanzania, which was formerly Tanganyika and Zambia or from Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia and Vietnam  and must intend to settle in India. Those coming to India as immigrants must possess a certificate of eligibility issued by the Government of India.  Candidates who are Gorkhas subjects of Nepal are not required to possess a certificate of eligibility.

A notice is published in the leading daily newspapers and a detailed notice is published in the Governement of Indian Gazette giving about the entrance examination. A copy of the Application form is published at the same time in the Newspapers and the Employment News. Below is a link to a website with all the information including a history of the Academy, the course syllabus, and much more information. Click on the blue links throughout the webstie to get all the information and directions for admission. Other websites are available by entering "National Defence Academy" into your google bar and clicking for more sites.

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