How much score should respected in GMAT to get an MBA Admission?


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Jann Nikka answered

Your college financial aid advisor will have all your answers.

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KB Baldwin answered

First, this doesn't answer your question at all.

I think that tests like that are a waste of money and time and prove nothing.  When I began the program to obtain a MPA, the school didn't require me to take GRA.  The dean of the college said that if you could pass the introductory course (which he taught), you could pass any course in the program.  We started the semester with over 40 people - six of us managed to pass it and be there at the end of the semeter.

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Snehasis Pan , Chemical Engineer, MBA (Europe), founder of, study abroad & start up consultant, answered

Just check the University webpage before applying or ask admission officer about their requirement. It varies and changes time to time among University.

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